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The consumer complaint comparison guide provides you with helpful information to assess your insurance company and compare it against other insurance companies.

The consumer complaint index measures the number of consumer complaints for one company in relation to other companies in the same market. A company with a complaint index of 1 has an average number of complaints. A company with a complaint index higher than 1 has more complaints than average.

Definitions: Complaint | Complaint Index | Market Share | Premium

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Company Name# of ComplaintsIndexMarket SharePremium
Allstate Fire & Cas Ins Co10.776.22 %$53,751,732
American Family Mut Ins Co SI12.431.96 %$16,930,013
Auto Owners Ins Co00.001.15 %$9,907,563
Farm Bureau Mut Ins Co Of ID20.8810.77 %$93,009,017
Farmers Ins Co Of ID10.598.08 %$69,778,978
GEICO Advantage Ins Co11.892.52 %$21,793,733
GEICO Choice Ins Co00.002.12 %$18,301,572
Geico Gen Ins Co00.002.31 %$19,920,442
Geico Ind Co27.651.25 %$10,753,574
LM Gen Ins Co12.611.82 %$15,745,564
Metropolitan Prop & Cas Ins Co14.121.16 %$9,993,085
Progressive Direct Ins Co00.003.69 %$31,857,884
Progressive Northwestern Ins Co00.005.05 %$43,573,704
Safeco Ins Co Of IL21.307.35 %$63,428,269
Standard Fire Ins Co00.001.28 %$11,061,480
State Farm Fire & Cas Co12.721.75 %$15,093,426
State Farm Mut Auto Ins Co00.0013.38 %$115,519,931
United Serv Automobile Assn00.001.82 %$15,726,477
USAA Cas Ins Co13.011.58 %$13,668,050
USAA Gen Ind Co00.001.12 %$9,666,287
Viking Ins Co Of WI12.391.99 %$17,174,395