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Filing by Request Only:
Managed care companies are required to file these reports ONLY upon the request of the Director. Prior to December 31 each year, the Department will notify the companies who will be requested to file.

Insurers licensed as Managed Care companies who are subject to Idaho Code §41-3914 and Idaho Code §41-3918 must still comply with these sections but the requirements to file with the Department are now at the request of the Director.

Companies Requested to File:
For those companies who are requested by the Director to file, the following forms are available:

  1. Annual Disclosure Check List - Form MCD-1 (Word)
  2. Checklist for Grievance System Annual Report - Form MCG-1 (Word)
  3. Sample Grievance System Summary Report - Form MCGR-1 (Word) / Form MCGR-1( Excel)

The due date for these reports is March 1, following the reporting year. All information received will be considered confidential.

Please note that the Annual Disclosure and Grievance System Report is not required if the company is licensed for Disability, Including Managed Care and has received an exemption from the requirements of Chapter 39, Idaho Code for all of its products pursuant to §41-3903(15) and §41-1846, Idaho Code.

The Annual Report required under §41-3918 must be filed for any products which have not been exempted by the Department.

Submit reports to:

Carol Anderson
Examinations Section
Idaho Department of Insurance
700 W. State Street, 3rd Floor
P. O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0043

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