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Expand Section What if their insured will not file a claim?

Expand Section I have "full coverage." Why won't my company pay?

Expand Section Their insured was cited by the police. Why do they have to investigate the claim?

Expand Section They have declared my vehicle a total loss but will not pay me enough to replace it. Is that legal?

Expand Section If my car is determined to be a total loss, can I keep it?

Expand Section I have spent a lot of time dealing with this claim. Can I charge the insured's insurance company for my time and costs?

Expand Section They want to repair my car using used parts. Can they do this?

Expand Section Do they owe me a rental car, and for how long?

Expand Section What if the estimates do not match?

Expand Section I do not want to fix my car right now. Can they just pay me the repair amount?

Expand Section Will the company pay to replace items such as tires or batteries when they are damaged in an accident?

Expand Section What happens if my loan was more than my insurance company says my car was worth?

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