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Detailed Rate Increase by Geographic Area - ZIP Codes 835XX

The table below shows the rate increases for each of the plans available for purchase during 2015 for the chosen rating area. Not all plans are available in every county, so please check with the carrier for additional plan availability information.

The non-tobacco use rate for a 40 year old individual is used to demonstrate the change from 2015 to 2016. The rate for any other age will increase the same percentage as the age 40 rate. The premium increase for any specific individual or family may vary greatly from what is shown in this table, based on the geographic area, choice of plan, changes in enrollees or ages, and other factors.

In some cases, the insurance company has decided to stop offering a particular plan in 2016. Those discontinued plans are marked with an asterisk (*) next to the 2015 plan name. The insurance company will migrate the enrollees of the discontinued plan into the most similar plan offered in 2016, which is reflected in this table.

Carrier Age 40 Premium
2015 Plan Name 2016 Plan Name    2015   2016 Increase
Blue Cross of Idaho Health Service, Inc.
Bronze ChoiceBronze Choice$232.93$289.4324%
Bronze H.S.A. SaverBronze Saver$226.34$270.7820%
Silver Choice 4000Silver Choice 4000$281.91$351.9225%
Silver Choice No DeductibleSilver Choice 500$320.98$379.0218%
Silver Choice 3000Silver Choice 3000$295.05$359.4322%
Silver Choice 2000Silver Choice 2000$300.16$364.2821%
Gold ChoiceGold Choice$330.77$434.9631%
Covered ChoiceCovered Choice$202.24$256.3427%
BridgeSpan Health Idaho
BridgeSpan Exchange Bronze HSABronze HDHP 5000$228.81$253.4311%
BridgeSpan Exchange Bronze HSA+ *Bronze HDHP 5000$239.79$253.436%
BridgeSpan Exchange BronzeBronze Essential 6850$249.40$284.7414%
BridgeSpan Exchange SilverSilver 3000$309.80$325.985%
BridgeSpan Exchange Silver+ *Silver 3000$322.17$325.981%
BridgeSpan Exchange Silver+ with Dental, Vision, and IAP *Silver 3000 with Dental, Vision, and IAP$347.93$352.071%
BridgeSpan Exchange Silver HSASilver HDHP 2500$285.09$306.608%
BridgeSpan Exchange GoldGold 1000$365.18$397.529%
BridgeSpan Exchange Gold+ *Gold 1000$385.77$397.523%
BridgeSpan Exchange Catastrophic *Bronze Essential 6850$240.71$284.7418%
Mountain Health CO-OP
Access Care BronzeAccess Care Bronze$238.38$276.6216%
Access Care Bronze PlusAccess Care Bronze Plus$238.38$280.6718%
Access Care SilverAccess Care Silver$274.53$338.8223%
Access Care GoldAccess Care Gold$315.63$423.8734%
Access Care CatastrophicAccess Care Catastrophic$195.05$215.4710%
PacificSource Health Plans, Inc.
SmartHealth Value Bronze 6300 *SmartChoice Value Bronze 6450$313.00$308.00-2%
SmartHealth Value Bronze 3000 *SmartChoice Value Bronze 3500$341.00$331.00-3%
SmartHealth Balance Bronze 6600 *SmartChoice Balance Bronze 6850$354.00$315.00-11%
SmartHealth Value Silver 3600 *SmartChoice Value Silver 3600$383.00$385.001%
SmartHealth Value Silver 3000 *SmartChoice Value Silver 3600$407.00$385.00-5%
SmartHealth Balance Silver 2500 *SmartChoice Balance Silver 2500$400.00$400.000%
SmartHealth Balance Silver 1500 *SmartChoice Balance Silver 2500$429.00$400.00-7%
SmartHealth Balance Gold 1000 *SmartChoice Balance Gold 1000$486.00$471.00-3%
BrightIdea Catastrophic *PSN Catastrophic$319.00$294.00-8%
SmartHealth Catastrophic *PSN Catastrophic$300.00$294.00-2%
Regence BlueShield of Idaho
Regence Direct Bronze HSABronze HSA 5000$228.81$253.4311%
Regence Direct Bronze HSA+ *Bronze HSA 5000$239.79$253.436%
Regence Direct BronzeBronze Essential 6850$249.39$284.7414%
Regence Direct Bronze HSA with Dental, Vision, IAP *Bronze HSA 5000$254.88$253.43-1%
Regence Direct Bronze HSA+ with Dental, Vision, IAP *Bronze HSA 5000$265.92$253.43-5%
Regence Direct Bronze with Dental, Vision, IAP *Bronze Essential 6850$275.57$284.743%
Regence Direct Silver+ *Silver 3000$322.16$325.981%
Regence Direct Silver HSASilver HSA 2500$285.09$306.608%
Regence Direct Silver+ with Dental, Vision, IAP *Silver 3000$348.24$325.98-6%
Regence Direct Silver HSA with Dental, Vision, IAP *Silver HSA 2500$311.30$306.60-2%
Regence Direct Gold+ *Gold 1000$388.07$397.522%
Regence Direct Gold+ with Dental, Vision, IAP *Gold 1000$414.04$397.52-4%
Regence Direct Platinum *Gold 1000$446.17$397.52-11%
Regence Direct Platinum with Dental, Vision, IAP *Gold 1000$472.07$397.52-16%

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