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Detailed Rate Increase by Carrier - North Central Idaho (Clearwater, Idaho, Latah, Lewsi, Nez Perce)

The table below compares the 2019 rate increases with each plan that was available for 2018 for the chosen rating area. Not all plans are available in every county.

The non-tobacco use rate for a 40-year-old individual is used to demonstrate the change in premium from 2018 to 2019. The rate for any other adult will increase by the same percentage as the age 40 rate. However, the premium increase for any specific individual or family may vary greatly from what is shown in this table based on the geographic area, choice of plan, changes in enrollees or ages, and other factors.

In some cases, the insurance company has elected to introduce a new plan or to stop offering a particular plan in 2019. In most cases, the insurance company will migrate the enrollees of the discontinued plan into the most similar plan offered in 2019, and that corresponding plan will be listed as the 2019 Plan Name.

An agent or the carrier can provide additional information about which plan is available in a given county.

 Age 40 Premium  
2018 Plan Name2019 Plan Name20182019Increase
Aetna Health of Utah Inc.
Aetna Silver HNOption 5000 80/50Aetna Silver HNOption 6000 80/50$461.49$403.19-13%
Aetna Gold HNOption 500 80/60Aetna Gold HNOption 500 80/60$601.41$534.47-11%
Aetna Life Insurance Company
Aetna Silver PPO 5000 80/50Aetna Silver PPO 6000 80/50$509.55$480.81-6%
Aetna Gold PPO 1000 80/60Aetna Gold PPO 1000 80/60$585.21$571.84-2%
Blue Cross of Idaho Health Service
Bronze Choice 6500 GroupBronze 6500 PPO Group$256.24$272.056%
Bronze Choice 6500 Plus GroupSilver 6500 PPO Group$283.20$315.6611%
Bronze Point 6500 GroupBronze 6500 Point Group$250.64$266.596%
Bronze Point 6500 Plus GroupSilver 6500 Point Group$277.02$309.3312%
Bronze Saver 6000 GroupBronze HSA 6500 PPO Group$279.72$289.363%
--New Plan for 2019--Bronze 7000 Point Group-$287.87-
--New Plan for 2019--Bronze 7000 PPO Group-$293.76-
--New Plan for 2019--Bronze HSA 6500 Point Group-$283.57-
Silver Choice 3500 GroupSilver 3800 PPO Group$325.99$340.294%
Silver Choice 4000 GroupSilver 3800 PPO Group$319.32$340.297%
Silver Choice 4500 GroupSilver 4500 PPO Group$323.50$334.063%
Silver Choice 5000 GroupSilver 5000 PPO Group$313.23$350.0112%
Silver Choice 5500 GroupSilver 5500 PPO Group$319.08$333.214%
Silver Point 3500 GroupSilver 3800 Point Group$319.14$333.745%
Silver Point 4000 GroupSilver 3800 Point Group$312.61$333.747%
Silver Point 4500 GroupSilver 4500 Point Group$316.70$327.643%
Silver Point 5000 GroupSilver 5000 Point Group$306.63$343.2912%
Silver Point 5500 GroupSilver 5500 Point Group$312.38$326.825%
Silver Saver 2750 GroupSilver HSA 2750 PPO Group$340.28$363.187%
Silver Saver 4400 GroupSilver HSA 4400 PPO Group$348.54$364.565%
--New Plan for 2019--Silver HSA 2750 Point Group-$355.92-
--New Plan for 2019--Silver HSA 4400 Point Group-$357.27-
Gold Choice 1000 GroupGold 1000 PPO Group$412.83$435.175%
Gold Choice 1500 GroupGold 1500 PPO Group$393.64$420.137%
Gold Choice 2000 GroupGold 2000 PPO Group$408.37$429.615%
Gold Choice 3000 GroupGold 3000 PPO Group$373.53$398.677%
Gold Choice 3000 Plus GroupGold 3000 Plus PPO Group$375.31$400.577%
Gold Choice 500 GroupGold 500 PPO Group$404.38$430.286%
Gold Point 1000 GroupGold 1000 Point Group$404.01$426.666%
Gold Point 1500 GroupGold 1500 Point Group$385.24$411.937%
Gold Point 2000 GroupGold 2000 Point Group$399.87$421.445%
Gold Point 3000 GroupGold 3000 Point Group$365.75$391.097%
Gold Point 3000 Plus GroupGold 3000 Plus Point Group$367.49$392.957%
Gold Point 500 GroupGold 500 Point Group$395.71$421.827%
Mountain Health CO-OP
Access Care BronzeAccess Care Bronze$379.24$406.717%
Access Care Bronze PlusAccess Care Bronze Plus$385.77$410.576%
Access Care Expanded BronzeAccess Care Expanded Bronze$383.85$435.1713%
Access Care SilverAccess Care Silver$435.94$444.502%
Access Care Silver Option 2Access Care Silver Option 2$403.20$428.626%
Access Care Silver PlusAccess Care Silver Plus$452.57$473.085%
Access Care GoldAccess Care Gold$530.33$538.322%
Access Care Gold Option 2Access Care Gold Option 2$491.42$507.763%
National Health Insurance Co.
National Health Insurance Co.
No plans available in this area.----
PacificSource Health Plans
PSN Bronze 7350PSN Bronze 7600$325.00$307.00-6%
PSN Bronze HSA 4000PSN Bronze HSA 5200$332.00$308.00-7%
PSN Bronze HSA 6550PSN Bronze HSA 6650$314.00$302.00-4%
PSN Silver 3000PSN Silver 3500$408.00$382.00-6%
PSN Silver 4000PSN Silver 4000$396.00$376.00-5%
PSN Silver 5000PSN Silver 5000$387.00$367.00-5%
PSN Silver HSA 2700PSN Silver HSA 3000$388.00$359.00-7%
PSN Silver HSA 3600PSN Silver HSA 4000$399.00$360.00-10%
--New Plan for 2019--PSN Silver HSA 5400-$327.00-
PSN Gold 1000PSN Gold 1000$509.00$485.00-5%
PSN Gold 2000PSN Gold 2000$462.00$440.00-5%
--New Plan for 2019--PSN Gold HSA 3000-$407.00-
Regence BlueShield of Idaho
Regence Bronze Essential 5000Regence Bronze Essential 5000$294.72$294.370%
Regence Bronze HSA 6000Regence Bronze HSA 6000$276.35$280.101%
--New Plan for 2019--Regence Bronze 7900-$267.02-
Regence Silver 3000Regence Silver 3250$334.95$330.64-1%
Regence Silver 5000 Regence Silver 5000 $310.24$318.153%
Regence Silver Essential 4000Regence Silver Essential 4000$317.13$326.483%
Regence Silver HSA 2000Regence Silver HSA 2000$349.88$363.354%
Regence Silver HSA 3500Regence Silver HSA 3500$307.94$318.153%
Regence Silver HSA 4000Regence Silver HSA 4000$328.62$344.325%
--New Plan for 2019--Regence Silver HSA Embedded 3000-$354.43-
Regence Gold 1000Regence Gold 1000$447.54$451.961%
Regence Gold 1500Regence Gold 1500$422.27$426.971%
Regence Gold 2500 Regence Gold 2500 $394.12$398.431%
Regence Gold 500Regence Gold 500$456.74$459.691%
Regence Gold HSA 1500Regence Gold HSA 1500$399.86$410.333%
Regence Platinum 500Regence Platinum 500$527.97$513.21-3%
No plans available in this area.----
UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company
UHC Choice Plus Bronze 6600UHC Choice Plus Bronze 7150$319.92$332.784%
UHC Choice Plus HSA Bronze 6000UHC Choice Plus HSA Bronze 6000$310.04$328.846%
UHC Choice Plus HSA Bronze 6650UHC Choice Plus HSA Bronze 6700$307.00$327.277%
--New Plan for 2019--UHC Choice Plus Silver 2500-$390.20-
--New Plan for 2019--UHC Choice Plus Silver 7400-$369.75-
UHC Choice Plus HSA Silver 1500UHC Choice Plus HSA Silver 1750$401.98$413.803%
UHC Choice Plus HSA Silver 1750UHC Choice Plus HSA Silver 2000$415.67$430.334%
UHC Choice Plus HSA Silver 1850UHC Choice Plus HSA Silver 2250$412.63$420.092%
UHC Choice Plus HSA Silver 2000UHC Choice Plus HSA Silver 2500$410.34$413.011%
UHC Choice Plus HSA Silver 2800UHC Choice Plus HSA Silver 2800$414.90$431.904%
UHC Choice Plus HSA Silver 3500-1UHC Choice Plus HSA Silver 3500-1$408.82$431.115%
UHC Choice Plus HSA Silver 3500-2UHC Choice Plus HSA Silver 3500-2$361.71$413.8014%
UHC Choice Plus Silver 4000UHC Choice Plus Silver 5000$373.11$370.53-1%
UHC Choice Plus Silver 4500UHC Choice Plus Silver 5500$364.75$372.892%
UHC Choice Plus Silver 5000UHC Choice Plus Silver 5000$362.47$370.532%
--New Plan for 2019--UHC Choice Plus Gold 3000-$432.68-
UHC Choice Plus Gold 0UHC Choice Plus Gold 0$487.10$512.155%
UHC Choice Plus Gold 1000-1UHC Choice Plus Gold 1000-1$475.70$474.380%
UHC Choice Plus Gold 1000-2UHC Choice Plus Gold 1000-2$451.38$457.861%
UHC Choice Plus Gold 1500UHC Choice Plus Gold 1500$470.38$474.381%
UHC Choice Plus Gold 2000UHC Choice Plus Gold 2000$459.73$462.581%
UHC Choice Plus Gold 500UHC Choice Plus Gold 500$469.61$472.021%
UHC Choice Plus HSA Gold 1400UHC Choice Plus HSA Gold 1400$466.57$490.115%
UHC Choice Plus HSA Gold 1500UHC Choice Plus HSA Gold 1500$479.49$511.357%
--New Plan for 2019--UHC Choice Plus Platinum 500-$520.80-
UHC Choice Plus Platinum 250UHC Choice Plus Platinum 250$579.80$602.624%
WMI Mutual Insurance Company
Idaho bronze planIdaho bronze plan$396.00$410.004%
Idaho silver 1 planIdaho silver 1 plan$451.00$495.0010%
Idaho silver 2 planIdaho silver 2 plan$451.00$457.001%

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