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The mission of the Investigations Section is two-fold. First, to protect Idaho’s insurance consumers from individuals conducting the business of insurance in a dishonest manner and, second, to investigate allegations of individuals filing fraudulent insurance claims against insurance companies. The core of our mission is to protect the public from economic loss and concern. We do this by actively investigating, prosecuting, and seeking restitution from those who commit insurance fraud.

Whatever its form, insurance fraud is a crime that impacts everyone by increasing the cost of insurance premiums and related goods and services. When allowed to go unchecked, insurance fraud has been demonstrated to have a severe negative effect on the economy as a whole.

The section conducts criminal and administrative investigations within or outside the state of Idaho to determine whether any person has violated any provision of Title 41, Idaho Code. Two special prosecutors from Office of the Attorney General review and prosecute insurance cases referred by the section. The section also works with the State Fire Marshall’s Office on insurance-related arson investigations.

The section aims to be recognized as a leader in the fight against insurance fraud by creating partnerships with other criminal justice and law enforcement entities, educating the insurance industry, conducting community presentations, and distributing written materials. These activities have significantly created and increased public awareness.

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