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Agent Fraud
    Twin Falls insurance agent given to 30 days in jail, 5 years probationExternal Link (11/13/2017)
    Former Idaho Agent Sentenced for Insurance FraudExternal Link (8/8/2016)
    A Nampa insurer has had his license revoked after he was caught falsifying the automobile policies of his own childrenExternal Link (12/7/2015)

Auto Insurance
    Pocatello woman sentenced for insurance fraudExternal Link (7/24/2017)
    Emmett Man Sentenced for Insurance FraudExternal Link
        Sentenced to four years in prison (6/30/2017)
    Cars scratched for inflated claims in plot by California body shopExternal Link
        “Scratch Out” Scheme (2/23/2017)
    Canyon County Man Sentenced for Insurance FraudExternal Link
        Insurance agent in Idaho sentenced for buying policy after car is stolen (12/5/2016)
    NICB warns of widespread Craiglist auto sales ScamExternal Link (5/8/2015)

    Man admits roadside shooting in Idaho was stagedExternal Link (5/11/2016)

Facebook/Twitter related News
    Comp Claimant’s Facebook post leads to fraud conviction in OhioExternal Link (2/10/2015)
    Facebook post leads to 2 counts of insurance fraudExternal Link (10/23/2014)

    Tracking phones: Insurers deny claims based on doubtful dataExternal Link
        News analysis: Cellphone tower data can be inaccurate (3/30/2017)

Health Insurance
    HHS OIG Hotline Telephone Number Used in ScamExternal Link
        Do not answer calls from 1-800-HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477). (3/6/2017)
    Medicare homeless fraud: La Mirada doc sentenced to 15 monthsExternal Link (1/23/2017)
    Lewis County woman charged with fraud for enrolling boyfriend on insuranceExternal Link
        She thought they were married under common law. (10/28/2016)
    Jail time for Spokane-area man who used Seahawks’ names to get drugsExternal Link (6/24/2015)

    San Francisco deputy allegedly fakes theft of service firearmExternal Link (4/12/2017)
    Homeowner in Idaho sentenced for lying about home flood claimExternal Link (12/8/2016)

ID Theft
    Riverside Woman Convicted of Stealing the Identities of Residents of Medical Facility in Long BeachExternal Link (1/22/2016)

Life Insurance
    Man murders infant son for life insuranceExternal Link
        Joaquin Rams guilty of murdering toddler for insurance money (4/13/2017)
    Remorseful life-insurance hit man executed in TexasExternal Link
        Victim’s husband hired him in a life insurance scheme. (3/8/2017)
    Man in California convicted of murder in $2.5M life insurance schemeExternal Link (8/29/2016)
    Life Insurance Scam Targets Washington State WidowExternal Link
        Scammers target women who have recently lost their husbands. (9/30/2014)

Property & Casualty
    Idaho woman lies that $15K engagement ring is stolenExternal Link (1/12/2016)

Workers’ Compensation
    60 days behind bars for former insurance agent in $233K workers' comp scamExternal Link (11/27/2017)
    Ex-Costa Mesa policeman convicted of insurance fraudExternal Link (2/17/2017)
    Police officer sentenced to jail for workers' compensation fraudExternal Link (9/24/2016)

Hall of Shame by Coalition Against Insurance Fraud (CAIF )
    Dad murders infant for $750,000 of life-insurance money (1/17/2017)
    Samaritan scammer shotguns legs to steal disability insurance (1/17/2017)

    Ditzy fake-death artist hides in plain sight (12/23/2015)
    Cop breaks oath, law with serial car cops (12/23/2015)

    Bugatti dunk for insurance cash all washed up (1/7/2015)
    Cancer con bad medicine for insurance cheater (1/7/2015)

    Lawless Lamborghini ride means pike to prison (1/13/2014)
    Insurance fugitive Tweets self back to jail (1/13/2014)

    Feds take air out of dangerous airbag cons (1/29/2013)

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