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The Idaho Department of Insurance and the Investigations Section firmly believe that knowledge can be an effective tool against insurance fraud. Therefore, we offer presentations and speakers to the public, senior centers, professional groups, civic organizations, law enforcement agencies and the insurance industry. We have a variety of options in the presentations.

For the general public, civic organization and professional groups:
  • Fraud prevention tips
  • How to recognize insurance fraud and what to do
  • Fraud targeting senior citizens
  • Fraud in specific industries, such as construction or trucking
For the insurance industry or law enforcement agencies:
  • Investigating insurance fraud
  • Recognizing and reporting insurance fraud
  • Senior victims of financial crimes and abuse
  • Insurance fraud as a funding source for terrorism
  • Disaster fraud
  • Fire investigations, insurance fraud and prosecutions

For more information or to request speakers, please contact:

Investigations Supervisor
Phone: 208-334-4346
Fax: 208-334-4398

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