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Duties of Investigations Section - §41-295

Fighting insurance fraud is a high priority of the State of Idaho Department of Insurance (DOI). Our job is to detect fraud, stop it and help law enforcement agencies prosecute those who commit it.

The Director of the DOI has authority to revoke the licenses of agents and adjusters who commit fraudulent acts. He also has the authority to issue cease-and-desist orders to halt unlicensed insurance operations and deceptive trade practices and to issue investigative subpoenas to obtain records relating to fraudulent claims.

But the DOI cannot do it alone. The Investigations Section works as a team with insurance company special investigative units, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to multiply limited resources.

Rowing Team

The Investigations Section’s duties are defined in the Idaho Code Title 41 Chapter 2.

    §41-295(1)   To conduct civil or criminal investigations within or outside this state.
    §41-295(3) To assist and cooperate with law enforcement agencies when requested.
    §41-295(4) To refer criminal violations of the code to prosecutors with jurisdiction over the violation.
    §41-295(5) To have other duties as the director of the department of insurance shall assign or as contained elsewhere in title 41, Idaho Code.
    §41-295(6) To seek court ordered restitution as reimbursement for the cost of investigation.

Also, the director may administer oaths and affirmations, subpoena, take evidence, and require the production of any other documents. §41-295(2)

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