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We will keep this page updated periodically as questions are received. If you have a question about fraud, please send an e-mail to the Invesitgations Section

Is a licensed insurer required to submit a fraud report?

We inadvertently overlooked to report a fraud which happened about two years ago. Is it too late to do so now?

The claim was denied so there was no loss to the insurer. Do we still need to report to the Department?

The insured or the claimant withdrew the claim. Do we still need to report a fraudulent claim?

If there is suspected fraud but the insurer and the insured or the claimant negotiated a monetary settlement, should a report to the Department still be necessary?

If the insurer is not able to gather enough evidence to prove fraud, should we still submit a fraud report?

Should we wait to submit a report until after we complete our investigation?

Do we need to use the reporting form on the Department of Insurance Web site?

Is a provider required to submit a fraud report?

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