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Is my business required to have a license if I have a license?

Is my agency required to have all producers registered to the agency license?

Am I required to register my business with the Idaho Secretary of State (SOS)?

What is a DRLP?

Can I use multiple DRLPs to cover all lines of authority, if needed?

Can an agency carry the Variable line on their business producer license if they don't have their own CRD number?

Can an agency receive commissions if they do not carry the Variable line on their license?

My business license expires in a few months, why can't I find a renewal option online for Idaho?

Can I add a DBA to my license? How do they work in relation to my license?

Do I need to report a change of ownership?

Can Registrations and Terminations be done by paper, or only electronically?

Where can I print my license?

If your question is not answered above, please submit your question directly to the DOI.

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