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  • Secretary of State -- All entities doing business in Idaho are required to register with the Idaho Secretary of State. They can be reached at 208-334-2300 or online at Click here for additional information regarding registering with the SOS. Please note, Idaho DOI staff cannot answer questions about this process. Please refer all questions to the number above.
  • DRLP -- As required by Idaho Code, each business entity must have at least one Idaho licensed producer registered to the agency. This individual should carry all lines of authority the agency is requesting and is responsible for the business entity's compliance with the insurance laws and rules of this state. Multiple producers may be used to cover this requirement. You may add or terminate producers at any time. Please see Forms section for registration and termination forms.
  • Per 41-1008(6), business entities licensed as producers must report a change of ownership. Please use the Notice of Change of Ownership form to report updates. Note proper attachments, per the form.

    NOTE: If this change of ownership results in:
    • Change of name, please also complete a Business Entity Name Change form and submit with the Change of Ownership form. Note proper attachments, per the form.
    • Change of FEIN, please apply for a new business entity license and request merger of existing license (non-survivor) into the newly created license (survivor.) This will result in active appointments and registrations transferring to the new entity.
    • Change of Officers, please complete the Change of Officer form and attach to this notice.

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