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How far in advance should I have my fingerprints done so that it will not delay my renewal?

Where do I get my bond?

If my fingerprint results have not been returned to the Department prior to the expiration of my license, can I still do business?

How do I find study material for the bail bond exam?

What is the Pre-Licensing Candidate Handbook and why do I need it?

How much CE do I need to continue my license?

What happens if I lose my bond or appointment?

What if I do not wish to continue my license?

What if I need to report a new business, mailing, home address, or phone/fax/email for my individual license?

What if I need to report a change of name?

How do DBAs work in relation to my license?

What do I need to do if I didn’t renew my license and need to reinstate it?

How to I update contact information for my business entity bail license?

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