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Bail agents must carry a $15,000 performance bond, using the Department bond form secured from a Surety Company, along with an appointment to the Surety Company. If a bond is cancelled, a notice will be sent to the bail agent to remind them of the requirement and the Department will request replacement. A bond agent/agency will have 21 days from the date of receipt of this notice or until bond cancellation date to replace the bond and appointment. Failure to respond within the required time will result in termination of the license. In order to secure a bond, please download the Bond and Appointment forms and send to an authorized surety company. Once these forms are returned from the surety company, sign the bond form and forward both forms to the Department of Insurance.

  • Include your original application, or submit separately if applying online.
  • Include a Bail Reactivation Packet if you are reactivating a license cancelled due to loss of bond or appointment.
  • Submit these forms any time you anticipate a current bond and appointment will be cancelled and require replacement to avoid cancellation of license – if this pending cancellation is due to a change in agency, please provide complete updated contact information with the new bond and appointment.

Bulletin 11-05, new requirements legislated in 2011 for bail licensees and sureties:

This bulletin provides summaries of the new requirements legislated and effective as of April 7, 2011. Agents and sureties involved in the business of bail in Idaho are expected to be familiar with all the requirements of IDAPA 18.01.04 as well as the applicable statutory requirements of Title 41, Idaho Code. Persons with questions regarding this bulletin should contact the Department of Insurance at (208) 334-4250 or via email.

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