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Course categories are determined by the provider; you select the course category best suited to your course curriculum. In Idaho, producers may take courses in any category, they are not limited to only courses in their lines of authority. The only specific category requirement is that producers complete a minimum of three hours in the Ethics course category.

The course categories in Idaho are: Life, Health, Property, Casualty, Ethics, General, LTC (long term care), Adjuster, and Annuities Suitability.

The Vertafore system allows for some ‘combination’ course categories: Life and General; Life and Health; Prop/Casualty/Life/Health; Property and Casualty; Property and Health; Property and Life; and Property, Life and Health. These specific categories do not require you to break out the credits by category.

If you don’t see a combination that fits your curriculum, you may specify different categories but you must indicate how many credits you are requesting in each category. Remember, Idaho does not require specific categories be completed other than the Ethics requirement.

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