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We have a large selection of courses pre-approved for credit that are available through our course catalog. We suggest you take advantage of the ease of use to complete your compliance for licensure.

Also, producers may submit applications for credit for courses that have not been approved. Classroom, teleconference or webcast courses that have not already been approved may be submitted using the Exhibit E application process.


  • application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the next expiration date of your license
  • course must have been taken during the current renewal period,
  • application must be submitted for committee review within 180 days of the completion date of the course.

The application form to use is the Exhibit E.

You must also attach a detailed/timed course outline or course agenda; a copy of your certificate of completion; and information about the qualifications of the instructor(s). No fee is required.

All Exhibit E submissions must be reviewed by the Advisory Committee, which meets once a month, on the first Friday of the month. If the committee reviews your application and requests more information from you, the process will take another month. Allow time for this possibility when submitting applications.

If a course is not approved prior to your license expiration date for that renewal period, the application may be void and the credit will not be accounted on your record. This may mean that your CE requirement may not be completed on time.

There is no grace period for completing your CE requirement and submitting your renewal application.

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