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Any producer who sells, solicits or negotiates a long-term care policy under Idaho’s Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Program must receive eight hours of training in and demonstrate an understanding of Partnership Policies and their relationship to public and private coverage for long-term care.

  • Producers are also required to complete four hours of long-term care insurance training every 24 months. Timing starts the date of the last course you took.
  • See Bulletin 06-5 for more information.
  • The carriers are responsible for tracking this Federally-mandated continuing education requirement. You must be able to provide them with proof of compliance if asked to do so.
  • This requirement schedule must be met as long as you sell Long Term Care products in Idaho.
  • For convenience, our CE course Link to external website catalog has a category titled Long Term Care. All courses listed in this category will meet the Federal education mandate.

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