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Idaho is a member of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The NAIC has models for continuing education that we try to remain in compliance with for courses and providers in Idaho. We are reciprocal with other states where a provider already has approval for courses; that is, if the course has been approved in the provider’s home state, we will review based on that approval. However, the course also must meet the standards and criteria for Idaho Statute. If you choose to submit your course for approval based on NAIC CE Reciprocity, please submit all of the same documentation with your NAIC CE Reciprocity application form, plus a document that proves current approval in the home state.

Please note that Idaho has the right per Statute to approve fewer credits than in your home state. We cannot deny a course that meets NAIC CE Reciprocity, but may require you to submit additional materials or explanations in order to make a determination.

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