COVID-19 Producer FAQs

Are residents able to test and fingerprint at this time?
Our exam/fingerprint vendor, PSI, has announced closure of the exam sites in Idaho until April 13th. Our website has instructions for rescheduling after that date—but certainly stay tuned for updates
Is there a delay in processing brought on by current conditions?
Applications are currently being processed at the normal pace—typically within one or two business days. However, there may be a slowdown in processing time with the transition of some staff members working remotely.
Is there an extension for CE or renewal at this time?
There is NO impact at this time to the availability of our website for access to forms and/or the services of our online vendors, NIPR and Vertafore, for online transactions. Renewals are available 90 days prior to expiration. CE can be done anytime over the two-year period between renewals and Idaho requires providers to download CE credits. Idaho does not require proctoring of exams or have a classroom requirement—all courses can be completed through online means.
Is the process to submit a service request changed?
If you need to submit a service request using a DOI form, all can be received by email or fax for processing per usual. Here is a link to our licensing forms.
What is the best method to send documentation to the Idaho DOI?
You can still use the NIPR reporting and document warehouses and the Vertafore attachment systems for applications, reporting of actions and renewal documentation. Any service requests not available as an online transaction can be sent directly to
Will you be issuing temporary licenses?
Discussions are ongoing regarding any determinations to issue temporary licenses to those residents who have not tested or fingerprinted and, knowing there is an end-date for exam and fingerprinting capability, we may be able to curtail that altogether.
Will CE deadlines be extended?
Due to the amount of online courses (currently over 4000), and two vendors whose services for online renewal are still available, there is currently no decision to extend CE or renewal deadlines at this time. Certainly we would consider extreme circumstances and those directly impacted by COVID-19 on a case-by-case basis, or until online services are impacted or no longer available. Idaho does not require classroom courses, live or virtual proctors for webinar course exams and many providers are converting classroom courses, even conferences, to webinar format for greater flexibility and availability.
How are the normal processes and services impacted at this time?
We highly encourage online transactions (NIPR & Sircon/Vertafore), accessing our website and sending email communications to so we can respond as needed and continue to get the work done in an efficient manner.
How can I check on the status of my application?
Typically, you can check on the status of your online transaction by checking with the vendor you submitted through and we recommend that. Idaho sends license copies via email upon issue and where a renewal application must be pended for some kind of diligence check.
How can I get a license copy if one is not sent to me?
We have a free license copy service on our site.
What services are unavailable/disrupted at this time?
11. At this point in time, there is no disruption of work, we are not shutdown as to our usual licensing services or functions—other than the exam vendor services—which should be temporary.
How are appointment renewals being processed?
Idaho does not require renewal of appointments, so that process is unchanged/not impacted. Appointments are perpetual until a license lapses or they are terminated and that is also true of agency associations.
How are appointment renewals being processed?
Bail agents wishing to renew and obtaining fingerprints through local sheriff’s offices that may be closed for fingerprinting, please contact us and let us know at Complete the renewal and CE and, when/where available, get fingerprints done using the Bail fingerprint packet. If we are notified of a necessary delay, we will keep the license active/renew it while awaiting fingerprint results.

Please recognize that this is a fluid situation and day to day adjustments will occur. We would suggest signing up for our “list-serv” on the website so that you get any news/announcements, but also check our website directly.

We are working with our vendors for updates but most services are currently available through NIPR and Vertafore for Idaho. At this time, all functionality is in place except for resident testing and fingerprinting.

We wish everyone a safe future!

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