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  • Study Materials: Idaho does not require pre-licensing education. To help prepare for exams and testing, we have compiled this list of contacts who provide study material relevant to the Idaho exams:
  • We recommend you download the pre-licensing Candidate Handbook Link to external website. This free booklet will give you important information regarding preparation for the exam. Be sure to download the Content Outline Link to external website, as well. This free supplement to the Candidate Handbook provides a study guide for each line of authority and refers to Title 41 – Idaho Code (statutes) and IDAPA Rules for Insurance. To find the statutes and rules they reference, go to Laws/Rules/Bulletins. Click on Idaho Code for statutes and Idaho Rules for rules. NOTE: This is not a complete study guide, only an outline of topics in each exam.
  • Testing and Fingerprinting: Testing and Fingerprinting are done through our vendor, PSI. All residents are required to fingerprint for the FBI background check specific to insurance licensing. Fingerprinting done for any other license/reason is not acceptable as reports cannot be transferred between agencies. You will need to complete fingerprints again.
  • Reservations for testing and/or fingerprinting can be made here: Link to external website
    • Testing fees (per line of authority): $60*
    • Fingerprinting fees: $70
    • Residents must fingerprint for initial license only. (If already licensed as an Idaho Producer, fingerprinting is not required when adding lines of authority.)
    • Documents will be given to you at the test center. The CHRI/Request and Release form and the fingerprinting receipt must be returned to the DOI. You can fax them to 208-334-4398 or send via email ( along with pass slips and other supporting documentation as needed. You can also upload these forms with your electronic application, if you prefer.
    • Once you have successfully passed your exams and completed your fingerprinting, you can apply for the license. Please note, the license will not be issued prior to the return of the FBI report.
    • If you live more than 100 miles from a testing/fingerprinting location and you are not required to test for your license, you may request a fingerprint packet via email. Please note this may increase the length of time to process your prints, therefore delaying the issuance of your license.
    • If you are unable to fingerprint through the above processes or if you encounter problems in doing so, please contact our office at 208-334-4339 or via email for further information.

      * ALL Idaho insurance licensing exams for the producer/bail/adjuster licenses are currently qualified through the Idaho Veteran’s Administration for U.S. Veterans to receive reimbursement through the GI Bill® Instructions and information.
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