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Are Resident Independent Adjusters and DHS-Idaho Independent Adjusters required to complete Continuing Education to maintain their license?

What is a Designated Home State (DHS)?

What is a Designated Home State - Idaho license type and how is it different from an Independent Adjuster license?

What are Designated Home State (DHS) adjusters?

What are the possible exams available for Independent Adjusters?

Are company registrations/appointments required for adjusters?

Do Agency Independent Adjusters require a DRLP on their application?

Are Staff Adjusters required to be licensed in Idaho?

Can I only take CE courses in the adjuster course category in the catalog?

If I complete more than the required 24 hours of CE, will those extra credits carry over to the next renewal period?

Can I take the same CE course more than once?

How do DBA's work in relation to my license?

What is the PSI pre-licensing candidate handbook and why do I need it?

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