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  • Public Adjuster licenses renew every two years.
  • A courtesy reminder is provided approximately six weeks prior to expiration of the license.
  • You do not need the reminder for renewal. You may apply for renewal up to six weeks prior to the expiration of your license. CE, if required, should be completed prior to applying for renewal.
  • The Department considers the renewal of your license to be your responsibility, regardless of whether you receive notice or not. Both online renewal and the mail-in renewal options are available through our website.
  • Please contact the Department, 208-334-4339 if you need to make special arrangements.
  • Residents must complete 24 hours of CE within the two-year renewal period. A minimum of three credits must be in ethics. No carry-over of CE credits are allowed from one period to the next and you will not get credit for a repeated course within the same renewal period. Your CE credits must be downloaded in order for us to process any renewal application. Check your CE status by going to Individual CE Transcript Inquiry Link to external website in the Continuing Education page. See the Continuing Education section for more information.
  • ONLINE license renewal requires a credit card. Complete all required spaces. You will not be able to submit address changes in the renewal process. Be sure you have provided a current email address. After the renewal has been submitted, you may print a copy of your license at no charge from our website after 24-48 hours. Click here to print a license copy.
  • MAIL-IN renewal requires downloading your renewal form from the website and mailing to the Department of Insurance with a check or money order. A license copy will be emailed to you upon approval. Be sure you have provided a current email address.
  • If your license has expired and you wish to have it renewed, please see the Reinstatement Information page.

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