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(not all inclusive. Please refer to section §41-1082 of chapter 10 for further definitions)
  • Portable Electronics: Electronic devices that are portable in nature, their accessories and services related to the use of the device.
  • Portable Electronics Insurance: Insurance covering the repair or replacement of portable electronics. Such insurance may provide coverage for portable electronics against loss, theft and inoperability due to mechanical failure, malfunction, damage and other similar loss.
  • Supervising Entity: A supervising entity means a business entity that is either an insurer or insurance producer that is licensed and issues – or is appointed by the insurer that issues – a portable electronics insurance policy that is sold, solicited or negotiated by a vendor to supervise the activities of the vendor related to the portable electronics insurance policy.
  • Vendor: A business entity engaging in the business of portable electronics transactions directly or indirectly.
  • Designated Responsible Person (DRP): The DRP is a person designated by the entity to be responsible for the compliance of the entity with the laws and rules of Idaho.

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