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  • Portable electronics insurance, as defined in Idaho Code Title 41: Chapter 10, §41-1082 through 41-1089 is insurance that provides coverage for the repair or replacement of portable electronics. This includes coverage for loss, theft, inoperability due to mechanical failure, malfunction, damage or other similar causes of loss.
  • The term does not include the following:
    1. A service contract or extended warranty that provides coverage for repair, replacement, or maintenance only to address operational or structural failure caused by:
      1. a defect in materials or workmanship;
      2. accidental damage from power surge; or
      3. normal wear and tear.
    2. A policy of insurance that covers a seller's or manufacturer's obligations under a warranty.
    3. Any of the following:
      1. A homeowner's insurance policy
      2. A renter's insurance policy
      3. A private passenger automobile insurance policy
      4. A commercial multi-peril insurance policy
      5. An insurance policy that provides coverage similar to the insurance provided by a policy described in clauses a) through d).
  • Both resident and nonresident business entities may hold a Portable Electronics license.

Idaho Code in Connection with Portable Electronics Licensing

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