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Pursuant to IDAPA licensed title agents conducting escrow closings are required to file escrow rates, including a minimum and negotiable rate, rates for maintaining an interest bearing escrow account for earnest money and rates for long term escrow accounts by March 15 to be effective on April 15 of each year.

Current escrow rates are posted on the Department’s website here.

If a title agent conducts escrow closings in multiple counties, submit a rate filing for each county.


As part of the review process, the Department will be reviewing escrow rate filings of minimum negotiable rates to ensure that they are in compliance with IDAPA and IDAPA As in the past, the Department will consider a minimum negotiable rate filing that is calculated by applying the filed rate to the average price of a residential sale in the county of licensure. This average price can be based on individual title insurance agent data or an average that incorporates data from various sources, i.e. other title insurance agents. Please specify your basis of the average price in your filing.

Example Calculation of Minimum Negotiable Rate:
File rate, $45.00 base rate, $3.00 rate per thousand, and an average residential sales price in the county of $200,000.00.

Calculation: $45.00 + $3.00(200) = $645 minimum negotiable rate

(The Department of Insurance may request documentation of how the average residential sales price was determined prior to approval of a minimum negotiable rate)

All escrow rate filings and any supporting documents should be sent to:

Jim Scanlon
Phone: 208-334-4321, FAX: 208-334-4398
Idaho Department of Insurance
700 W. State Street, 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, Idaho; 83720-0043

If sent by email, a portable document format (pdf) is required.

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