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The Idaho Department of Insurance urges producers to allow their individual Idaho licenses to lapse rather than requesting a Voluntary Surrender except in cases where a clearance letter is necessary. Idaho does not have penalties for a lapsed license if you are no longer doing business in Idaho.

In lieu of a Voluntary Surrender, a license record can be removed from the Department website, if desired, without deactivating the license. Active appointments can be removed and all address information can be converted to the licensee’s place of residence. Updating your contact information is requested at the time of the request through NIPR Link to external website.

Appointments must be in place to do business in Idaho; however, appointments are not required to keep a license active while not doing business. If no insurance business is transacted in Idaho while the licensee is inactive, Idaho does not penalize for nonrenewal.

Producer appointments can be terminated by completing a Termination Form. Companies must terminate appointments through their online vendors.

Online license reapplication and reinstatement are both available for non-residents whose licenses have been allowed to lapse.

Producers still wishing to voluntarily surrender their Idaho licenses should complete the appropriate Voluntary Surrender form (including notarization) and forward it to us for processing. Once processed, the license expiration date is moved forward to the effective date of voluntary surrender—which means reactivation of the license requires reinstatement fees up to one year past the voluntary surrender date. After one year, reapplication is required.

EXEMPTIONS: Loss of home state license/retirees/business entities/voluntary surrender for clearance to move to another state/Surplus Lines licensees. Please request forms specific to your circumstances for voluntary surrender.


Contact Producer Licensing with questions.

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