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The following are the procedures and the list of required documents to add an assumed business name (ABN) to the Idaho Certificate of Authority:

  1. Contact the Department of Insurance for:
    1. Propose an assumed business name (ABN) that complies with the requirements se forth within Idaho Code §41-311.
    2. Check availability of the proposed ABN with the Department.
    3. Submit a notice of intent and return the original Certificate of Authority for amendment to the Department of Insurance.
  2. Contact the Idaho Secretary of State (SOS) regarding their filing procedures and the availability of the proposed ABN or check the availability on-line on the SOS Web site.
  3. Submit a copy of the Certificate of Assumed Business Name to the Department of Insurance. Once received a new Idaho Certificate of Authority will be mailed.

Please submit all the documents to:

Michele Muñoz
Examinations Section
Idaho Department of Insurance
700 W. State Street, 3rd Floor
P. O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0043
(208) 334-4311

Note: If an insurer wishes to assert some proprietary interest in the proposed assumed business name, state and/or federal intellectual property filings may be necessary.

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