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  • An MGA (Managing General Agent) is a separate license type in Idaho. Agencies wishing to act as an MGA in Idaho must hold a separate, active Property and Casualty Producer license before applying for an MGA license. The MGA license is a one year license, expiring on June 30th of each year. See additional MGA pages for more detailed MGA Licensing/Renewal information.

Not all inclusive. Please refer to Chapter 15 for further definitions.
  • Managing general agent (MGA): any person, firm, association or corporation who negotiates and binds ceding reinsurance contracts on behalf of an insurer or manages all or part of the insurance business of an insurer.
  • Insurer: any person, firm, association or corporation duly licensed in this state as an insurance company pursuant to and acting consistent with the definitions provided in sections 41-103 and 41-112, Idaho Code.

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