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How do I become a sprinkler contractor in the State of Idaho?

  • You must both pass the state exam and provide documentation that you have installed 200 heads or more on 4 separate systems OR have a NICETT III Certification and provide a copy of your certificate.
  • Provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance with the certificate holder listing the Idaho State Fire Marshal’s Office
  • $2000 bond, listing the Obligee as the State Fire Marshal
  • Submit the application with the $400 application fee.
  • All must be received to start processing the application.

I submitted all the documents including my application, how long will I know if my application for license is approved? If everything has been submitted, typically three weeks for processing. If there are any discrepancies, our office will contact you and let you know what we need.

What does the Idaho Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractor license cover? The license covers installation of underground systems from the water main, installation, remodels and tenant improvements and inspections and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems.

How does the State of Idaho handle the review process for sprinkler plan submittals? Plans are received via email. Our office requires as a minimum the following: fire sprinkler plan review application, signed owner's certificate, hydraulic calculations in the form specified in the adopted edition of NFPA 13 including the fire sprinkler summary, plan submittal checklist, seismic sway bracing calculations, manufacture's specifications, and the plans; Fire Sprinkler Plan Submittal Instructions. Once approved, a stamped copy of the plans are emailed to the sprinkler contractor, fire department and the Idaho Survey and Rating Bureau.

Always check with the Authority of Having Jurisdiction for local requirements