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License NumberOrganization NameStatusMore
FPSC-149Cosco Fire Protection Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-148Daily Fire ProtectionActive[+]
FPSC-127Delta Fire Systems, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-019Delta Fire Systems, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-008Delta Fire Systems, Inc. DBA: 3-D Fire ProtectionActive[+]
FPSC-068F.E. Moran, Inc. Special Hazard SystemsActive[+]
FPSC-147Felix Fire ProtectionActive[+]
FPSC-016Fire Control Sprinkler Systems Company, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-017Fire Engineering Company, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-038FireGuard Engineering and Protection, LLC.Revoked[+]
FPSC-134FirePG, Inc.Inactive[+]
FPSC-055Firetrol Protection Systems, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-059FSI Acquisition Company Inc. DBA: Fire Services of Idaho, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-009Inland Empire Fire Protection, LLCActive[+]
FPSC-025J.F. Ahern CompanyActive[+]
FPSC-044JBL Fire Protection, LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-004Johnson Controls Fire Protection, LP.Active[+]
FPSC-092Johnson Controls Fire Protection, LP.Active[+]
FPSC-093Johnson Controls Fire Protection, LP.Active[+]
FPSC-119Larson Fire Protection, LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-076McKinstry Company, LLC.Active[+]
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