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License NumberOrganization NameStatusMore
FPSC-156AAA Fire Safety & Alarm, Inc.Inactive[+]
FPSC-106Absolute Fire Protection, LLCActive[+]
FPSC-126Accurate Fire Protection Solution Corp. DBA: Mountain Fire SprinklerActive[+]
FPSC-054Advanced Fire Systems, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-029Aero Automatic Sprinkler CompanyInactive[+]
FPSC-113All Valley Fire Inspections & Services, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-107Alpine Fire Sprinklers, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-073Alta Fire Protection CompanyActive[+]
FPSC-104American Fire Protection, LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-141API National Service Group, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-136Automatic Fire System Services, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-005Basic Fire Protection, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-161Belt Star Fire Protection, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-166C&H Fire Protection LLCActive[+]
FPSC-164Canyon Fire Protection LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-022Cascade Fire Protection CompanyInactive[+]
FPSC-039Certified Solutions dba: Certified Fire and SecurityActive[+]
FPSC-027Chaparral Fire Protection, Inc.Inactive[+]
FPSC-143Cintas Corporation No. 2Inactive[+]
FPSC-153Commercial Fire Protection, Inc.Inactive[+]
FPSC-158Commercial Fire Protection, Inc.Inactive[+]
FPSC-159Commercial Fire Protection, Inc.Inactive[+]
FPSC-149COSCO Fire Protection, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-148Daily Fire Protection, LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-127Delta Fire Systems, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-019Delta Fire Systems, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-008Delta Fire Systems, Inc. DBA: 3-D Fire ProtectionActive[+]
FPSC-163F.E. Moran, Inc. Fire ProtectionActive[+]
FPSC-068F.E. Moran, Inc. Special Hazard SystemsActive[+]
FPSC-147Felix Fire ProtectionActive[+]
FPSC-016Fire Control Sprinkler Systems Company, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-017Fire Engineering Company, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-155Fire Solutions NWActive[+]
FPSC-038FireGuard Engineering and Protection, LLC.Revoked[+]
FPSC-157Firestop Company LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-055Firetrol Protection Systems, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-151Frontier Fire Protection, LLC.Inactive[+]
FPSC-059FSI Acquisition Company, Inc. DBA: Fire Services of Idaho, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-145Halo Fire Protection, LLCActive[+]
FPSC-154HC West, LLC dba A&D FireActive[+]
FPSC-009Inland Empire Fire Protection, LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-025J.F. Ahern CompanyActive[+]
FPSC-044JBL Fire Protection, LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-004Johnson Controls Fire Protection, LP.Active[+]
FPSC-092Johnson Controls Fire Protection, LP.Active[+]
FPSC-093Johnson Controls Fire Protection, LP.Active[+]
FPSC-160KS Fire SprinklersActive[+]
FPSC-119Larson Fire Protection, LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-076McKinstry Company, LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-049Micron Technology, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-152Mountain Fire Protection, LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-084North Star Fire Protection, LLC.Inactive[+]
FPSC-118Paradise Fire Protection, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-051Patriot Fire Protection, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-133Phoenix Fire Protection, LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-108Phoenix Fire Protection, LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-135Presidential Fire Protection Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-098Rapid Fire Protection, Inc.Inactive[+]
FPSC-165RLH Fire Protection, Inc.Inactive[+]
FPSC-144RM Mechanical, Inc.Inactive[+]
FPSC-116Rock Creek Fire Protection, LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-028S and B Fire Protection, Inc.Inactive[+]
FPSC-132S.A. Comunale Company, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-105Security Fire Protection Company, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-086Shambaugh & Son, LP.Active[+]
FPSC-007Shilo Automatic Sprinkler Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-058SL Fire Protection, Inc.Inactive[+]
FPSC-114State Fire DC SpecialtiesActive[+]
FPSC-150Summit Fire & Security, LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-057Summit Fire Protection CompanyActive[+]
FPSC-065Telgian CorporationActive[+]
FPSC-041The Safety Team, LLC.Inactive[+]
FPSC-080Thorpe Fire Sprinkler Systems, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-043Total Fire Protection, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-001Treasure Valley Fire Protection, Inc.Active[+]
FPSC-063Tribal Fire Systems, LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-162Valor Fire Protection LLC.Active[+]
FPSC-003Viking Automatic Sprinkler CompanyActive[+]
FPSC-140Viking Automatic Sprinkler Company - Idaho FallsActive[+]
FPSC-010Western Automatic Sprinkler Company, Inc.Inactive[+]
FPSC-006Western States Fire Protection CompanyActive[+]
FPSC-032Wiginton Fire SystemsActive[+]
FPSC-066Wilro Plumbers, LLC.Inactive[+]
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