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Non-residents moving to Idaho must license as residents within 90 days of moving to Idaho OR within 90 days of cancellation of the former domicile state license, whichever is first, to avoid retesting for the lines of authority in Idaho.
Below is a checklist to make this process easier:

  1. All Residents are required to fingerprint before receiving a resident license. Fingerprints must be done at a PSI testing center.
    1. Click here Link to external website for locations, directions, and available times. If you live more than 100 miles from a testing center, please Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for an alternative option.
    2. Fingerprint fee is $70
    3. You will receive two receipts-a payment receipt and another receipt showing the TCN tracking number. Please send a copy of the receipt with the tracking number to us via email or fax to 208-334-4398.
    4. You will receive two release forms as well-a CHRI Request and Release form and a Non-Criminal Justice Form. Please complete both (including signature and date) and send to us via email or fax to 208-334-4398.
  2. You will need to complete a paper application Link to external website for your new Idaho Resident License as the electronic system will not allow you through.
    1. Print this application off, fill out completely, sign and date.
    2. Mail in with the $80 application fee to:
      Idaho Department of Insurance
      700 West State Street Floor 3
      PO Box 83720
      Boise, ID 83720-0043
  3. Please clear from your previous resident state. This can be done either by Letter of Clearance or a direct request to the state depending on your prior state’s policies. Click here Link to external website for a link to all other DOI websites.
    1. We do suggest doing your fingerprinting and application first, and waiting approximately five days before requesting the Clearance letter. This will allow your fingerprint return to have possibly reached us and prevent long periods of being unlicensed as, once your previous state issues you your Clearance letter, that license may become inactive (again, depending on the policies of your previous home state.)

Our timeline for issuing a license is based on when we get the background report from the FBI, which can take anywhere from five to fifteen days.

For easy reference, the following is a quick list of what you need to send into this department:

  • Application with $80 fee
  • Fingerprint receipt with the TCN number on it
  • Two release forms – CHRI Request and Release/ Noncriminal Justice
  • Clearance letter or cancellation of license from current resident state

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