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In order to take full advantage of the forms provided by the Department of Insurance you will need to open them in a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

Resources by License Type


All Forms (alphabetical order)



Add Lines Request Form

Appendix A-1

Appendix A-2

Appendix A-3

Appendix A-4

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Application, Business Entity License

Application, Business Entity Adjuster License

Application and Renewal for Registered TPA

Application, Idaho Home State Third Party Administrator

Application, Independent Review Organization

Application, Independent Adjuster License

Application, Individual Producer License

Application, Life Settlement Broker License

Application, Life Settlement Provider

Application, Title Insurance Agent

Application , TPA, Non-Resident

Application Packet, Managing General Agent

Application Packet, Reinsurance Intermediary

Appointment Form- Authority to Act Under Company License

Appointment , Title Insurance Agent

Audited Financial Statement Exception Application


Bail Flyer

Biographical Affidavit

Bond Form, Administrator

Bond Form, Bail Agent

Bond Form, Managing General Agent

Bond Form, Public Adjuster

Bond Form, Title Insurance Agent

Branch Office Notification

Bulletin 06-5

Bulletin 07-1

Bulletin 09-06

Bulletin 11-08


Business Entity Instructions form the DOI

Business Entity License Flyer

Business Entity SOS Information Sheet


Cancellation of a Line of Authority

Certification of Active Bond

Change Address, Business Entity

Change Address, CE Provider

Change Address, Individual

Change Address , State to State Form

Change Contact Information, Individual

Change Name, Business

Change Name, Individual

Change of Officers/Directors

Change of Ownership

Continuing Education Exhibit, A

Continuing Education E Exhibit B

Continuing Education E Exhibit C

Continuing Education E Exhibit D

Continuing Education Instructor Approval

Continuing Education, Resident Flyer

Custodial Agreement


Dissolution of License

‘Doing Business As’ Updates or Addtions


Exhibit E


FBI Request and Release

Fingerprint Packet

Fingerprint Packet, Bail Agent (Non-Resident)

Fingerprint Packet, Bail Agent (Resident)


Idaho License Coverage Chart

Idaho State Police Fingerprint Form, Resident

Independent Adjuster Flyer

IRO Checklist

IRO License Flyer


Letter of Certification Request

Letter of Clearance Request

Life Settlement Checklist

Life Settlements Filing Submission Documentation

Life Settlements, Broker Flyer

Life Settlements, Provider Flyer

Limited Lines Producer Pre-Licensing Manual

List Request


Name Change, Business Entity

Name Change, Individual



Plant Information

Portable Electronics Flyer

Producer Fee Disclosure

Producer License Flyer

Provider Contact Change Request Form

Public Adjuster License Flyer


Reactivation Packet, Bail Agent

Registration, Authority to Act Under Agency License

Registration, Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Reinstatement, Business Entity, Resident

Reinstatement, Business Entity, Non-Resident

Reinstatement, Individual, Non-Resident

Reinstatement, Individual, Resident

Reinstatement, Independent Review Organization

Reinstatement Packet Bail Agency

Reinstatement Packet, Bail Agent

Reinsurance Intermediary Exemption and Registration Form

Renewal, Individual

Renewal Packet, Title Insurance Agent

Renewal, Agency

Renewal, Independent Review Organization

Renewal, TPA


Sample Course Sign-in Sign-out Form

Self-Funded TPA Registration

SOS Reference Sheet

Surplus Lines Flyer


Termination Form, for a Registration or Appointment

Termination of Appointment, Producer

Termination of TPA Agreement

Third Party Administrator Flyer

Title Insurance Agent Entities

Title Insurance Agent Endorsement

Title Insurance Agent Exhibit A

Title Insurance Final Interest Notice


TPA Annual Report

TPA Filing Extension Application

Travel Limited Lines Reporting Portal


Uniform Continuing Education Reciprocity Course Filing Form

Update Address , Business Entity

Update Address, Individual

Update Address , State to State

Update Contact Information, Individual

Update Name, Business

Update Name, Individual

Update Officers/Directors

Update of Ownership


Variable Lines License Flyer

Vertafore for Education Providers Brochure

Voluntary Surrender, Individuals

Voluntary Surrender, Business Entities

Voluntary Surrender, Retirement Reasons

Voluntary Surrender, Surplus Lines Brokers

Voluntary Surrender, TPA License

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