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State Based Systems (SBS) Migration

On Wednesday, September 14, 2022, the Idaho Department of Insurance is going live on State Based Systems (SBS),
a web-based NAIC application that supports state insurance regulation functions  Click here for a flyer with more information.

Please watch this space for updates and important information.

Annual, Quarterly and Financial Filing Requirement Checklists:

Holding Company Forms (Form A through F). Attachments to IDAPA 18.07.01

  • Form A– Acquisition of Control or Merger with Domestic Insurer
  • Form B – Insurance Holding Company System Annual Registration
  • Form C – Summary of Registration Statement
  • Form D – Prior Notice of a Transaction
  • Form E – Pre-Acquisition Notification and Impact of Merger/Acquisition with Non-Domiciliary Insurer
  • Form F – Enterprise Risk Report

Surveys and Reports

We have made the required Health Forms, the Assessment Survey, the Health Insurance Survey, and the Self-Funded Health Plan Survey electronic in the hopes of making the process easier for Carriers and TPA’s.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us or call Kathy McGill at 208-334-4300.

Surveys and reporting available from this page:

  • Immunization Assessment Survey – Due March 15
  • Rescission Reporting for Long-Term Care Policies – Due March 1
  • Reporting Medicare Supplement Policies – Due March 1
  • Medicare Supplement Refund Calculation Form – Due May 31
  • Assessment Survey – Required for all Licensed Accident and Health Disability Insurers – Due March 1
  • Health Survey (Carriers AND TPAs) – Open March 1, Due May 1 Instructions for Health Insurance Survey                            and Self-funded Health Plan Survey
  • Long-Term Care Suitability of Sale – Due May 31
  • Replacement and Lapse Reporting for Long-Term Care Insurance – Due June 30
  • Claims Denial Reporting for Long-Term Care Insurance – Due June 30

Other Tools & Entity Types with Forms or Checklists

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