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File a Consumer Complaint

The Consumer Affairs section serves as a free resource, provides general information about insurance, and responds to consumer questions and complaints. Consumer Affairs Officers serve as an unbiased resource to help consumers resolve disputes with insurance companies and insurance agents. Our primary purpose is to provide assistance and advice on a variety of insurance matters within the state of Idaho.

Before submitting a complaint, please consider the following:

  • Have you attempted to contact your insurance company or agent in an effort to resolve the matter?
  • Does your complaint involve an insurance matter?
  • Does your insurance matter involve an Idaho insurance policy or claim?

If you are unsure whether your complaint involves an insurance matter or if the state of Idaho has jurisdiction, please contact Consumer Affairs by phone at (208) 334-4319, toll free from an Idaho number (800) 721-3272, or by email before submitting your complaint.

The quickest way to file a consumer complaint is to file it online using the button below.  However, if you prefer to file a complaint via fax or mail, please complete and submit the following Consumer Complaint Form.

Additional Information to consider before filing a complaint:

  • If this complaint pertains to health insurance provided by your employer, we encourage you to complete the internal appeal process as described in your insurance policy before filing a complaint with the Department of Insurance.
  • If you previously submitted a complaint on this matter, please do not file another complaint.  Instead, contact us at (208) 334-4319, toll-free in Idaho (800) 721-3272, or email us.
  • If your complaint pertains to a warranty, you will need to contact the Idaho Attorney General’s office.  They can be reached at (208) 334-2424, (800) 432-3545, or by visiting their website: State of Idaho Office of the Attorney General.
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