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All Annual and Quarterly Tax and Continuation Fee Statements Must Be Submitted Electronically.

Good News! In order to save tax dollars, use resources efficiently and make filing easier for insurers, the Idaho Department of Insurance has adopted a mandatory electronic e-file program for all Premium Tax filings and Continuation Fee Statements. Effective January 1, 2019, the Department will no longer accept paper filings. The change is in accordance with Idaho Code § 41-210(4), which states:

“For any document required to be filed with the director or the department of insurance under the laws of this state, the director may specify the place and manner of filing of the document, including whether an electronic or paper filing is required or acceptable.”

The mandatory e-file program will affect all who file a Statement of Premium Taxes and Fees, and Continuation Fee Statements (if filed separately). The filing methods for taxes, fee statements and payments are listed below:

Statement of Premium Taxes and FeesE-fileDirect via PremiumPro or click here.
Continuation Fee StatementE-fileDirect via PremiumPro or click here.

Or visit

Payments: Check or EFT (electronic funds transfer)

For insurers using the TriTech PremiumPro tax software, direct e-filing options are available within the software program. For all other filers, you may access the Idaho e-filing program at the above link. For all technical questions regarding either e-filing system, please call TriTech at 800-380-6407, or e-mail:

Filing Instructions by Entity Type

Guide and Enrollment Form

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