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Public Records Request Policy

The Idaho Public Records Law Manual by the Idaho Legislature states that “all records maintained by state and local government entities be available for public access and copying.” At the same time, the Legislature recognizes the need to balance the policy of openness against the equally important need for privacy of certain information provided by citizens and businesses that is necessary for the government’s business. This balance is contained in Idaho Code §§74-101 to 74-126, which states that “all public records in Idaho are open at all reasonable times for inspection except as otherwise expressly provided by statute.”

Rate and Form Filing Records

Idaho DOI has certain insurance company rate and form filings which are available for public review. To make these filings accessible to interested parties via the Internet, DOI utilizes the NAIC System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing Access interface (SERFF). To search the public insurance company forms and rate filings electronically, please utilize SERFF Filing Access.

Producer and Insurer License Records

Insurance producer (brokers, agents, etc.) and insurance company licensing records are maintained by NAIC State Based Systems (SBS). Individual license information is available through the SBS Lookup Search. Requests for lists of information for multiple licensees are available through the SBS Report Generator and selecting “Idaho” as the jurisdiction.

Other Public Records

Any other formal public records requests should be submitted in writing either by utilizing the online form below, which will reach the Idaho DOI’s custodians of records, or you may submit a formal written request to the Department by printing and submitting our Public Records Request Form.

For records maintained by the State Fire Marshal, the custodian of records is Carissa Sindon. For records maintained by the Idaho Insurance division, the custodian of records is Wes Trexler. Public records requests may experience delayed responses if not sent through the online form and not directed to the named custodian of records. 

The normal response time is within three working days from the time the request is received. If the request cannot be filled within three working days, the Department will extend it to ten working days from date of receipt. The requester will be notified if this is the case.

If the public records request requires more than two hours of labor or more than 100 pages to be printed, the Department may request pre-payment of costs before the request is completed. Costs are based on the work involved.

Public Records Request Form

Public Records Request

Before submitting this form, please print this page for your records. A copy will also be sent to the email address entered.

Please note that charges may apply, as permitted by Idaho Public Records Act.

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