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Doing Business As (DBA)

Idaho allows business entities to operate under multiple business names. This is known as a DBA (Doing Business As). Business entities may have multiple DBA’s active at any given time. Please view the FAQ below for more information.

What is a DBA?

Doing Business As (DBA), or an Assumed Business Name (ABN) is any name other than the legal name of any formally organized or registered entity or individual. More information is in Bulletin 15-05

If using a DBA/ABN, does it need to be licensed in Idaho?

The Idaho DOI does not license DBA/ABN names, rather, we license individuals and legal entities. However, Idaho Code §41-1014 does require assumed business names to be filed with the Department. Please use the DBA Add Request form to comply with this code.

If I have a DBA/ABN that is properly filed with the DOI, can I have a separate license under that name as well?

No, the DBA or ABN will simply be added to the individual/entity license showing the legal name first, followed by Doing Business As.

Is there a limit to the number of DBA/ABN’s I can have attached to my license?

Not at this time. Once filed with the SOS and DOI, you can freely use any and all DBA/ABN’s.

How do I get a DBA/ABN?

Per Idaho Code §30-21-801 through §30-21-810, you must first file with the Idaho Secretary of State and per Idaho Code §41-1014, you must then file that name with the Idaho Department of Insurance using the proper form. Please visit the Idaho Secretary of State’s website and see Bulletin 15-05 for further information regarding requirements, how to file, SOS forms and general questions.

How do I know if a name is already in use in Idaho?

It is suggested that you perform due diligence, including a search on the SOS and DOI websites, prior to submitting your DBA/ABN choice, to ensure no other entity is currently using that name.

If I am a Non-Resident, do I have to file the DBA/ABN in my home state as well?

If the name is not being used in your home state, we do not require you to file the DBA/ABN in your home state as well. You would simply file it with the Idaho Secretary of State and complete our ADD DBA form.

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