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The Schedule of Fees, Rule 18.01.02 is as follows:

Business and Individual producer license application$80/80
Fingerprints (residents) (as of 7/1/2014)$70
Exams (residents) (per line of authority)$60
Business and individual producer license renewal (biennial)$80/$60
Independent Adjuster license application$80/$80
Independent Adjuster license renewal (biennial)$80/$60
Public Adjuster license application$80/$80
Public Adjuster license renewal (biennial)$80/$60
Bail Agent/Agency license application$80/$80
Bail Agent/Agency license renewal (biennial)$80/$60
Surplus Lines brokers application$80/$80
Surplus Lines brokers renewal (biennial w/prod P&C)$80/$60
Life Settlement Broker application$300/$300
Life Settlement Broker renewal (biennial w/ prod life)$80/$80
Life Settlement Provider application$500/$500
Life Settlement Provider renewal (biennial w/prod life)$300/$300
Reinsurance Intermediary application$80 paper only
Managing General Agent application$80 paper only
Managing General Agent renewal (annual-July 1st)$80 paper only
Title Insurance license application$50 paper only
Title Insurance license renewal (annual – Jan 1st)$50 paper only
Independent Review Organization application$500 paper only
Independent Review Organization renewal (biennial)$300 paper only
Third Party Administrator application$300/300
Third Party Administrator renewal (biennial)$80/$80
Single employer self-funded TPA registration/renewal (biennial)$0
Portable Electronics vendors: large (11 and more locations)$1000/$1000
Portable Electronics vendors: small (10 and fewer locations)$100/$100
Portable Electronics renewal: large (11 or more locations-biennial)$500/$500
Portable Electronics renewal: small (10 or fewer locations-biennial)$100/$100
Producer Service of Process fee$30
Producer List$9.75
All Fees are Non-Refundable.

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