Gas Detectors Urged by State Fire Marshal

Wednesday February 2, 2022

Contact: Julie Robinson, 208-334-4312

BOISE, ID (February 2, 2022) – The Idaho State Fire Marshal is urging Idahoans to purchase and install gas detectors at their households. This safety reminder comes as the State Fire Marshal’s Office has investigated an alarming number of propane-related fires and explosions that have resulted in significant injury and deaths – one incident occurring as recently as January 17, 2022.

In all the cases, the occupants were either unaware of the propane leak or disregarded the foul odor that is purposefully mixed with propane. Propane itself is odorless. A chemical known as ethyl mercaptan is added to give propane a foul odor and alert occupants that a leak exists and to act appropriately.

The greatest number of incidents happen in winter, with snow slides and snow removal often being the culprit. Snow builds up on roofs and may slide off during daytime heating, or the homeowner will clear snow from the roof to reduce the risk of collapse. If the propane tank is located on the downside of the roof, snow can accumulate on piping or the propane regulator, causing additional weight on those items and leading to cracks. Homeowners should remember to clear snow away from the regulator and allow it to function properly.

Advances in technology now make available a home propane and natural gas detector that will sound an alarm, alerting the occupants of danger. These devices are available over the internet and big box stores. The cost is relatively low (between $30-$75) and some interface with the internet and communicate with cell phones.


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