Idaho DOI to Allow for Temporary Resident Insurance Producer Licenses

Tuesday June 20, 2023

Contact: Julie Robinson, 208-334-4312

BOISE, ID (June 20, 2023) – Director Dean L. Cameron has authorized the Idaho Department of Insurance to allow applicants for resident insurance producer licenses to request a temporary license, pending review of their criminal history reports.

Idaho Code requires applicants for resident insurance producer licenses to submit their fingerprints as part of a criminal background review. However, due to circumstances outside the DOI’s control, electronic fingerprinting is currently unavailable. The Department is working with other state agencies to resolve this issue. Until resolved, new applicants have to utilize and submit physical fingerprints on paper ‘hard cards’.

“The current process takes longer than the electronic review process and may lead to undue delay,” said Director Cameron. “Such delays impact the insurance-buying public by limiting the availability of newly qualified insurance agents. We believe this bulletin is in the public’s best interest.”

Idaho Code authorizes the Department to issue temporary licenses to applicants pending the receipt of the criminal background check report if all other licensing requirements have been met. Temporary licenses are valid for a period not to exceed 180 days and may be revoked without the right to a prior hearing if the interests of insureds or the public are endangered.

License applicants who wish to receive the temporary license while waiting for the background review may complete the Temporary Resident Producer License Request Form online at and submit it via email to

Bulletin 23-06 “Temporary Producer License Request Pending Fingerprint Hard Card Results” can be viewed in its entirety on the DOI website at


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