Idaho Insurance Agent’s License Revoked After Intentional Misrepresentations

Friday June 25, 2021

Boise, ID (June 25, 2021) – Effective Jun 23, the Idaho Department of Insurance (DOI) revoked the Resident Producer License of Justin Shelby Santana and Andrew Sortor after they admitted to intentionally entering the incorrect dates of birth on dozens of applications for insurance, violating Idaho Code 41-1016(l)(e) and 41-1016(l)(h).

By submitting false birthdates on applications, clients of Santana and Sortor received coverage for which they were not eligible or received incorrect premium rates. However, the discrepancies were eventually discovered by the issuing insurance carrier, and the clients were notified that their coverage would be terminated. The DOI was made aware of Santana and Sortor’s actions by the insurance industry and client complaints.

In addition to revoking their licenses, the DOI imposed an administrative penalty of $24,000 against Santana and $13,500 against Sortor, proportional to the number of violations committed. The full orders for Santana and Sortor can be read on the DOI website.

"People need to be able to trust that their agents are doing the right thing,” said Dean Cameron, Director of the DOI. "Take care when picking an insurance agent and make sure your information is being submitted accurately.”

“You can always contact the DOI if you have concerns,” added Cameron.

Idaho Department of Insurance Consumer Affairs Office accepts submissions of complaints at (208) 334-4250 or

About the Department of Insurance

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