Idaho students participate in fire safety project

Thursday April 15, 2021

BOISE, ID – On Friday, April 9, 2021, the Idaho State Fire Marshal’s Office collaborated with Idaho students from NASKCO Construction class in fire prevention project.

NASKCO Construction High Schools (NASKCO makes up the first two letters in Nampa, Skyview and Columbia) constructed a fire safety prop in the form of a miniature house for the State Fire Marshal’s Office to use for training purposes.

Fire Plans Examiner Javier Cervantes, also a volunteer with the NASKCO Construction student program, asked the class if they would be interested in building training props for the State Fire Marshal’s Office.  The class agreed and, in return, professionally trained firefighters demonstrated how the training props would be used to show the path of fire flow and ventilation.

“It’s an awesome opportunity to have things like this happen to further educate the kids,” said NASKCO class instructor Bret Miller.  The class built two training props for the State Fire Marshal’s Office and fire demonstrations took place on Friday. Deputy Kyle Braegger took the lead in the class demonstration. “The staff and I are grateful to everyone involved in making this opportunity possible,” said State Fire Marshal Knute Sandahl.  This week’s fire safety collaboration is hopefully the first of many.

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