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The following describes rulemaking activity for submission before the Legislative Session 2020.


House Bill 275 passed the legislature and was signed into law by the Governor amending sections 41-5203, 41- 5207, Chapter 52, Title 41. It added a new section of Idaho Code to define and provide for the purchase of enhanced short-term health insurance plans. Enhanced short-term plans will have an initial period of less than twelve (12) months. This rule will offer choices to consumers for individual health insurance and define the consumer protections required to offer such plans.

Date Rulemaking Status Text
October 2, 2019 Notice of Rulemaking - Proposed Rule Text of Proposed Rule
July 3, 2019 Notice of Intent to Promulgate Rules - Negotiated Rulemaking – Public Meeting: July 24, 2019@ 3:00 pm
UPDATE TO VENUE: Idaho Statehouse, Garden Level WW-54, 700 W Jefferson St, Boise, ID 83702
Text of Draft Rule
July 1, 2019 Temporary Rule effective July 1, 2019 Text of Temporary Rule


This rule provides standards for various individual disability and group supplemental disability policies. This rulemaking seeks to fix confusing pre-existing condition language, remove limited benefit coverage type, make other clarifications and restructure sections in order to clarify which benefits apply to which type of coverage.

Date Rulemaking Status Text
October 2, 2019 Notice of Rulemaking - Proposed Rule Text of Proposed Rule
August 7, 2019 Notice of Intent to Promulgate Rules – Negotiated Rulemaking – Public Meeting: August 14, 2019 @ 10:00 am Text of Draft Rule


This rule combines parts of three former rules regarding surplus lines into one rule following the Governor's Executive Order 19-02, the Red Tape Reduction Act. This rule provides updated procedures for the placement of surplus lines insurance in the state of Idaho.

Date Rulemaking Status Text
October 2, 2019 Notice of Rulemaking - Proposed Rule Text of Proposed Rule
August 7, 2019 Notice of Intent to Promulgate Rules – Negotiated Rulemaking – Public Meeting: August 20, 2019 @ 2:00 pm Text of Draft Rule

Omnibus Rulemaking for IDAPA 18, Rules for the Idaho Department of Insurance

Rulemaking initiated to adopt and re-publish existing and previously approved and codified chapters under IDAPA 18, rules of the Idaho Department of Insurance.

Temporary rules effective June 30, 2019.

Contact:       Weston Trexler, Deputy Director 208-334-4214
Pamela Murray, Rules Review Officer       208-334-4217

The DOI has conducted a process of renumbering its rules, separating them into categories.
The following list shows the categories, the old rule numbers, and the new rule numbers:

Old #
All Lines
New #
18.01.48   Rule to Implement the Privacy of Consumer Financial Information18.01.01
18.01.44   Schedule of Fees, Licenses, and Miscellaneous Charges18.01.02
Old #
Property, Casualty, Auto Ins
New #
18.01.19   Insurance Rates and Credit Rating18.02.01
18.01.20   Automobile Insurance Policies18.02.02
18.01.34   Certificate of Liability Insurance for Motor Vehicles18.02.03
Old #
Life & Annuity
New #
18.01.09   Suitability in Annuity Transactions18.03.01
18.01.13   Life Settlements18.03.02
18.01.16   Variable Contracts18.03.03
18.01.41   Replacement of Life Insurance and Annuities18.03.04
18.01.61   Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance18.03.05
Old #
Health & Disability Insurance
New #
18.01.05   Health Carrier External Review18.04.01
18.01.06   Rule to Implement Uniform Coverage for Newborn and Newly Adopted Children18.04.02
18.01.24   Advertisement of Disability (Accident and Sickness) Insurance18.04.03
18.01.26   Rule to Implement the Managed Care Reform Act18.04.04
18.01.27   Self-Funded Health Care Plans Rule18.04.05
18.01.28   Governmental Self-Funded Employee Health Care Plans Rule18.04.06
18.01.29   Restrictions on Discretionary Clauses in Health Insurance Contracts18.04.07
18.01.30   Individual Disability and Group Supplemental Disability Insurance Minimum Standards Rule18.04.08
18.01.31   Complications of Pregnancy18.04.09
18.01.54   Rule to Implement the NAIC Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards Model Act18.04.10
18.01.60   Long-Term Care Insurance Minimum Standards18.04.11
18.01.69   Rules Governing Small Employer Health Insurance 18.04.12
18.01.70   Rules Governing Small Employer Health Insurance Availability Act Plan Design18.04.13
18.01.72   Rule to Implement the Individual Health Insurance Availability Act18.04.14
18.01.74   Coordination of Benefits18.04.15
Old #
Title Insurance
New #
18.01.01   Title Insurance Definition of Tract Indexes and Abstract Records18.05.01
18.01.25   Title Insurance and Title Insurance Agents and Escrow Officers18.05.02
18.01.56   Rebates and Illegal Inducements to Obtaining Title Insurance Business Rules18.05.03
Old #
Agents & Licensing
New #
18.01.04   Rules Pertaining to Bail Agents18.06.01
18.01.10   Producers Handling of Fiduciary Funds18.06.02
18.01.52   Rules Governing Disclosure Requirements For Insurance Producers When Charging Fees18.06.03
18.01.53   Continuing Education18.06.04
18.01.64   Managing General Agents18.06.05
18.01.65   Rules for the Surplus Line Brokers18.06.06
Old #
Company Solvency
New #
18.01.23   "Rules Pertaining to Idaho Acquisitions of Control and Insurance Holding Company Systems"18.07.01
18.01.46   Recognition of New Annuity Mortality Tables for Use in Determining Reserve Liabilities for Annuities and Pure Endowment Contracts18.07.02
18.01.47   "Valuation of Life Insurance Policies Including the Introduction and Use of New Select Mortality Factors"18.07.03
18.01.62   Annual Financial Reporting18.07.04
18.01.66   Director's Authority for Companies Deemed to be in Hazardous Finacial Condition18.07.05
18.01.67   Rules Governing Life and Health Reinsurance Agreements18.07.06
18.01.68   "Minimum Reserve Standards for Individual and Group Health Insurance Contracts"18.07.07
18.01.75   Credit for Reinsurance Rules18.07.08
18.01.76   Property and Casualty Actuarial Opinion Rule18.07.09
18.01.77   Actuarial Opinion and Memorandum Rule18.07.10
18.01.78   Mutual Insurance Holding Company Rules18.07.11
18.01.81   Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure18.07.12
Old #
State Fire Marshal
New #
18.01.50   Adoption of the International Fire Code18.08.01
18.01.49   Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractors18.08.02

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