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How to Apply for a License

Insurance Licenses can be applied for via NIPR. If you would like to view a step-by-step guide on how to use the NIPR online application, please click here.

Which license do I want to apply for?

The following are the most common licenses. For a full list of licenses offered by the Idaho Department of Insurance click here.

Insurance Producer AKA Insurance Agent

Insurance producers are licensed to sell and negotiate life, disability (accident, health, sickness), property, casualty, variable, limited or personal lines of insurance offered by an insurance company. As an insurance producer, you may work for one insurance company only or represent multiple carriers.

For more information on applying to be an Insurance Producer (Resident and Non-Resident) click here and select “Application Requirements”.

Adjuster (Independent and Public)

Independent adjusters work as contractors for multiple insurance firms or third-party administrators. They often work with catastrophe claims and will travel to the impacted areas after major weather events or emergencies.

For mor information on applying to be an Independent Adjuster (Resident, Non-Resident) click here and select the “Application Requirements”

Public insurance adjusters work directly on behalf of policyholders. They help businesses or individuals file insurance claims if a proposed settlement seems unfit from an insurer. Generally, public adjusters are also contract workers rather than salaried.

For more information on applying to be an Public Adjuster (Resident and Non-Resident) click here and select the ““Application Requirements””.

What is required for before I can get a license?

Each License Type page has a a section dedicated to the documents and activities needed for the application process. This section is called “Application Requirements”

Producer and Adjusters Licenses need the following for an application to be considered valid.

  1. Pass slips from the licensing exam. (Residents Only). For more information on testing visit our Testing and Fingerprinting page.
  2. Receipt for Fingerprinting and Background Check (Residents Only). For more information on the fingerprinting and background requirements visit our Testing and Fingerprinting page.
  3. Hold the desired license in your home state (Non-Residents Only).
  4. A completed application Visit the desired License Types’ page for links to its application.

How do I apply for a license?

Most applications can be submitted online. Visit the desired License Types’ page for detailed instructions.

How long does it take for my application to be approved?

There are many factors that go into the processing time of an application. The department can typically process a non-resident individual license application within 1-2 business days of receiving all documentation.

Many factors can increase the processing time, including but not limited to:

  • Fingerprints. Processing time does not include the time waiting for fingerprints. Your application is not considered complete until the fingerprints are processed and returned to the DOI. For more information on fingerprinting click here.
  • Background Issues. If you have criminal offense that needs reviewed your application will be on hold while it is reviewed. You can speed up this process by ensuring that all needed documents are submitted with your application or are already uploaded to the NIPR Document warehouse. For more information on Criminal Offenses and licensing click here.
  • Applying by paper instead of online. While there are licenses that must apply via paper most can be applied for online. Applying by paper process can add upwards of 4-7 days, not including shipping time to the turnaround time.
  • Inaccurate information. Make sure that everything is correct in your application, including addresses, before submitting.
  • Missing Items. Ensure that you have everything on your Application Checklist completed and ready to submit together with the application. Ensuring that all documents are submitted together will help speed the process.

How do I know if my license has been approved?

The DOI will notify the applicant via the e-mail address provided to the DOI once the application has been processed. Please ensure the e-mail is correct and check your junk/spam folders.

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