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Continuing Education for Licensed Professionals

To be sure you are taking courses that will apply, use our Course Catalog , which shows only currently approved Idaho courses. You contact the provider directly to sign up for courses.

Remember you need to enter an application for renewal, this is a separate step.

Idaho Statutes

Insurance Code General Insurance Law for Idaho

Bulletin 07-1  Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Insurance training requirements for insurance producers selling through the National Flood Insurance Program, and recommendations regarding the sale of Flood Insurance.

Bulletin 06-5 Long term Care Partnership Training Requirements

Notice to Life/Annuities Insurers and Producers, April 15, 2013

Transcript Inquiry

Your CE transcript is available online. When you complete courses, the provider will upload directly to this transcript and the record will indicate when you have completed your CE requirement. The history of your past licensing renewal periods is also found in your continuing education course transcript.

To download a step by step guide to checking your CE status click here.

By law, CE providers have 30 days to upload your credits into the system. Your license will not be renewed until your CE credits are in the system.

How to Find a Continuing Education Course

All of Idaho’s approved CE courses can be found in the Continuing Education Catalog.  The CE course catalog can be accessed via the SBS license manager or by clicking here.

How to Use the CE Course Catalog

For a detailed guide to the course catalog click here.

  1. Once you are on the Lookup Search click on the drop-down menu under Jurisdiction and select Idaho. Under Search Type click on the drop-down menu and select Course or Provider.
  2. Do not enter anything in the new fields. Click the box next to Terms and Conditions and press “Search”
  3. The left-hand side of the page shows the different ways you can narrow down the CE courses.  Every course that shows on the right-hand side of the page has been approved in Idaho.
  4. If you have any questions concerning a specific course in the course catalogue please reach out directly to the course provider not to the Department of Insurance.

Long Term Care

Any producer who sells, solicits, or negotiates a long-term care policy under Idaho’s Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Program must receive eight hours of training in and demonstrate an understanding of Partnership Policies and their relationship to public and private coverage for long-term care.

Producers are also required to complete four hours of long-term care insurance training every 24 months. Timing starts the date of the last course you took.

See Bulletin 06-5 for more information.

The carriers are responsible for tracking this Federally mandated continuing education requirement. You must be able to provide them with proof of compliance if asked to do so.

This requirement schedule must be met if you sell Long Term Care products in Idaho.

For convenience, our CE course catalog has a category titled Long Term Care. All courses listed in this category will meet the Federal education mandate.


All insurance producers licensed in property, casualty or personal lines of authority who sell flood insurance through the NFIP must complete a one-time three-hour course related to the NFIP.

The NFIP flood insurance course is available through approved continuing education providers. Failure to comply with this continuing education requirement may jeopardize the insurance producer’s authority to write flood insurance through the NFIP.

The carriers are responsible for tracking this Federally mandated continuing education requirement. You must be able to provide them with proof of compliance if asked to do so.

For convenience, our CE course catalog has a category titled Flood. All courses listed in this category will meet the Federal education mandate.

Suitability and Annuities

The surety and annuities requirements are based on the 2010 NAIC Model Regulation 275 and requires the producer or insurer to have reasonable grounds to believe an annuity is suitable based on specific information about the consumer prior to making a recommendation to the consumer.

The rule also requires producers selling annuity products to complete a one-time four-hour training, either through approved CE courses from approved providers, or through insurer-provided training that meets the NAIC 2010 Suitability in Annuities training requirement for course content.

The carriers are responsible for tracking this Federally mandated continuing education requirement. You must be able to provide them with proof of compliance if asked to do so.

For convenience, our CE course catalog has a category titled Annuities Suitability. All courses listed in this category will meet the Federal education mandate.

Exhibit E- CE Course Application

Producers may submit applications for credit for courses that have not been approved. Classroom, teleconference, or webcast courses that have not already been approved may be submitted using the Exhibit E application process.


  • Application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the next expiration date of your license.
  • Course must have been taken during the current renewal period; application must be submitted for committee review within 180 days of the completion date of the course.
  • The application form to use is the Exhibit E.
  • You must also attach a detailed/timed course outline or course agenda; a copy of your certificate of completion; and information about the qualifications of the instructor(s). No fee is required.
  • All Exhibit E submissions must be reviewed by the Advisory Committee. If the committee reviews your application and requests more information from you, the process will be delayed. Allow time for this possibility when submitting applications as extensions to the license renewal due date will not be granted due to an Exhibit E application.


Are any licensees exempt from the CE requirement?

The following License types are exempt from the CE requirements:

  • Producer, Business Entity
  • Non-resident Producer
  • Limited Lines Only Producer
  • Surplus Lines Producer

Are producers with professional designations exempt from the CE requirement?

No. However, courses offered to earn professional designations may have been submitted for approval as CE insurance licensing credit in Idaho by the course provider. If so, you may also be able to use as CE credit for your Idaho insurance license. Check with the provider of the course.

What is the CE requirement for my license?

All residents are required to take 24 hours of CE within each two-year licensing period with at least 3 of those hours in the Ethics. For information specific to a line of authority click on it bellow.

Can I only complete CE courses within my lines of authority?

No. Any courses in the course catalog are acceptable; you are not limited to only the lines you carry on your license. However, Idaho Code requires you to complete a minimum of three hours of ethics each licensing period.

Where can I find courses to fulfill my CE requirement?

Approved courses can be found on Continuing Education Catalogue.

How can I check my CE status?

Your CE status can be checked via your SBS CE transcripts.

When is my CE due?

We suggest you complete your CE courses at least three weeks prior to your expiration date. Your license expires on the last day of your birth month and all CE is due before that date.

What happens to my license if the CE is late?

Your license will expire on the last day of your birth month if your CE is not complete before that date.

A penalty for late CE completion will begin accruing the day after the expiration date on the license.

What is the penalty for late CE?

The penalties for completing the CE requirement after the license expiration date are as follows:

1-30 days past the expiration date: $100

31-60 days past the expiration date: $200

61-89 days past the expiration date: $300

90-365 days past the expiration date: $80, and you will be required to re-test for the lines of authority you carry on your license as well as complete your CE requirements.

Is there a grace period for late CE?

There is no grace period for the CE requirement or renewal deadlines. Monetary penalties will begin to accrue the day following your license expiration date. We use the date of course completion to determine if you were on-time.

I completed my CE, but I still can’t renew.

CE does not populate to your record, or to our online renewal system instantaneously. Please see below for details.

  • From the day you complete your CE course the CE provider has 30 days to upload the credits per Idaho statute.
  • Once the credit is entered in to our system it is sent in a report over night to the PDB.
  • After the report is submitted it can take the PDB 1-5 business days to reflect the completion. Once it is reflected in the PDB you can apply for a renewal on NIPR.

If you completed your CE over 30 days ago, or it has been more that five days since it was uploaded, and you are with in the renewal window, but are still unable to renew on the online system please reach out to the Department of Insurance.

If I take more than 3 hours in ethics, will the extra credits count towards the total?

Yes, the ethics requirement is for a minimum of three credits in the Ethics course category. If you take more than three, any extra credits will apply to the overall 24 hour total you need for the CE requirement for your license renewal.

Does Idaho require non-residents to take an Idaho specific Annuities Suitability course?

No, a state specific course is not required if they have taken a course in their home state that meets the NAIC 2010 Suitability in Annuities training requirement for course content.

Can a course be repeated?

Courses may not be repeated for credit within the same renewal period but may be repeated in subsequent renewal periods. Double-check the course completion date compared to the renewal period start/end dates to avoid duplication within the same renewal period.

Can I carry over excess CE credit hours from one renewal period to the next?

No, credit must be earned within renewal period.

How are my CE credits reported to the DOI?

CE Providers download rosters electronically through NIPR to the DOI. You are required to provide your Idaho license number for each course you attend and complete.

Licensees will receive certificates of completion for their records and must maintain these records for a period of five years. When renewing your license, do not send certificates of completion to the department unless you are specifically requested to do so.

How do I report an error in my transcripts?

If you find an error, contact the CE provider directly.

Can I receive credit for a course which has not been approved by the Advisory Committee?

Producers may submit applications for courses taken during the licensing period for credit. See the Exhibit E section for more details.

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