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  • Idaho residents are required to complete a total of 24 hours each renewal period, prior to submitting a renewal application. A minimum of three (3) of the 24 hours must be in the Ethics course category.
  • You may not repeat courses within the same renewal period and get credit again for the repeat.
  • There is no carryover of credits from one renewal period to another.
  • CE courses taken BEFORE a license is issued will not count. You must complete the 24 hours between the start and end dates of your current renewal period. And, you can begin taking courses anytime between these dates!
  • There is no grace period for the CE requirement or renewal deadlines! Monetary penalties will begin to accrue the day following your license expiration date. We use the date of course completion to determine whether or not you were on-time.
  • By law, CE providers have 30 days to upload your credits into the system. Your license will not be renewed until your CE credit is in the system.
  • We suggest you complete your CE courses at least three weeks prior to your expiration date.
  • To be sure you are taking courses that will apply, use our Course Catalog Link to external website , which shows only currently approved Idaho courses. You contact the provider directly to sign up for courses.
  • Remember you need to actually make application for renewal Link to external website … this is a separate step.

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